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Art Pre-Major Program

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General information

Art Class - Ceramics

Drawing and painting, photography, ceramics, graphics, sculpture and printmaking-all are important to art instruction at Southwestern Illinois College.

Full-time and part-time faculty members are degreed professional artists, known in their fields. They exhibit nationally and are called upon to lecture, consult and judge shows in the Illinois/Missouri area as well as throughout the nation.

In addition to your classroom experience, you may have the opportunity to show your work in campus exhibits and see firsthand the techniques of reputed artists who are brought to the campus for seminars.

Personal directions within the visual arts should be coordinated with the art faculty as soon as possible.

Why Choose Art at 赌博网站?

Students should choose art at 赌博网站 because they offer many different options for art. We also have a Fine Arts degree as well. You can try out all of the basic arts and explore more as well before you decide to transfer to a four-year college if that is your thing. Here you are able to get most, if not all of your basics out of the way before you do transfer making it even easier for you!

Why should I
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Areas of study offered

Associate in Arts Degree

An associate degree in Art provides a basic overview of the discipline and prepares you to transfer to a four-year art program.

Associate in Fine Arts Degree

This degree program is for students who are majoring in Art and planning to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a baccalaureate degree.

Transfer Degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Art prepares students for careers in freelance art, ceramic artist, Media designer/producer, and Advertising artist/designer.

A minor is Art History is a good choice for any of the other career opportunities involving the history of Art or museums.

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